One Day of Political Spam

David Potenziani
2 min readAug 22, 2023
Standard link in a political email

Let me fess up right here that I support lefty political causes. But that’s not the point of this entry. It’s that political communication via email has become a wasteland of empty ideas and vapid slogans. It’s an endless parade of begging for my money. I imagine that the same is true on the right.

Here are only the headers of political spam that I received in one day, August 22, in a bulleted list with my thoughts in parentheses:

  • Chuck Norris’ Secret to Staying Healthy with Age (from Bill O’Reilly — What????)
  • EXPIRED: Official Biden Supporter membership (don’t remember signing up)
  • My latest column: ‘You Get What You Pay For’ (another from Dictator Bill O’Reilly)
  • is there anything we can say? (aside from bad capitalization, this is about Lauren Boebert)
  • Ted Cruz doesn’t play fair (Duh!)
  • Your name: not on file (they want a petition signed, again)
  • Badass young people have a habit of being underestimated (Gun safety by and for the kids)
  • NC’s Electric Vehicle Future 🚗🔌 (Nice emojis, but just another request for money)
  • Closer than ever (Mo’ Money Wanted)
  • I’m sweating (‘Nother Mo’ Money)
  • I know a thing or two about defeating Republicans (That’s nice. Oh, wait. Mo’ Money again)
  • it’s official (More lower case. Is this to signify haste?)
  • Republicans are gaining an edge (They want me to rush my donation)
  • tough news (Still more lower case. Do we need to worry about political literacy?)
  • We are proud to endorse Lisa Blunt Rochester to become Delaware’s first Black Senator! (At least it’s a full sentence.)
  • Stop Cruz, Stop McConnell (Quite often we are called to stop some politician. But they seem to keep going, no matter what.)
  • Win a chance to meet the president(s) 👀 (More emojis.)
  • Are you still with us, David? (This one is quite common, thinking that I’ll respond to some sort of membership thing.)
  • another big announcement: (Where were the grammar teachers?)
  • That’s not representation…. (This one is all about identity politics.)

All of these are in some fashion a request for my money. I’m not sure that’s a very good method of getting my candidates elected. So far, neither Elizabeth Warren nor Bernie Sanders (my first and second choices) have been elected president. Beto O’Rourke seems unable to get elected to anything. The GOP has veto-proof majorities in the NC Legislature. Finally, once upon a time, there really was a President Trump.



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