$329.69 … Fraud So Far

David Potenziani
2 min readMar 15, 2022
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The following is an extract of my report to my financial institution about fraudulent transactions facilitated by the Square company. I’d be happy if they policed their transactions more diligently and allowed outsiders to report these incidents without becoming members.

Additional Dispute Information

Please provide the following information to expedite your request.

Have you contacted the merchant?
[X] yes [ ] no (Well, I tried)

When and how was the merchant contacted?

  • I tried and failed to contact the Square company on the 11th, who have posted 17 fraudulent transactions to date. 15 of them posted AFTER I canceled my debit card.

Does the dispute concern services or merchandise?

  • These are 17 total fraudulent debits against my account (2 disputed earlier and 15 that arrived on the 11th). All of them offer a variation of ZACHARY or BRANDON in the payee line.

What was the merchant’s response?

  • The merchant has walled themselves off from any human contact. In fact, one has to have an account with them to use any of their online communications tools. I have never had such an account and will never get one.

Please provide specific details regarding the dispute including your attempts to resolve the problem with the merchant.

  • I have contacted [name of my financial institution]. I tried to call the Square company with the number they provide in the transactions log (877–417–4551) but it merely delivers a message to go online for services. But without an account, which I do not have, one cannot communicate with them.

Provide a detailed description of the goods and services purchased.

  • There were no goods or services of any kind ordered, delivered, or imagined by me.

Additional Information:

This makes me highly frustrated and prone to lash out because I am so powerless to correct these fraudulent transactions. I tire of the incessant scams that arrive by email, phone, text, and Pony Express. (Ok, that last one is a stretch, but not by much.)



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